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ABDenpax is the leading provider of dental web based PACS systems worldwide.

about abdenpax

AB Dental Imaging Solutions changed the way Imaging Centres worked previously. The company’s flagship product has improved efficiency of Imaging Centres by allowing them to store and deliver CT reports and medical images of all types, as well as medical records over the Web Based PACS - ABDenpax. Imaging Centres do not need to print CT reports or burn CDs anymore because ABDenpax Viewer allows doctors to get the images in digital form over the Internet and perform the measurements and planning in the ABDenpax Viewer application. ABDenpax product allows all Imaging Centres to improve and unify measurements on CT reports. Therefore, all CT reports have the equal representation despite of being originated from different CT machines.

AB Dental Imaging Solutions are providing a web based Dental PACS solution that allows dental surgeons to get an immediate access to dental images and CT reports. The solution allows dental surgeons to measure implant sites and simulate implantation surgery in the web based imaging viewer application. Dental surgeons can also get online consultations for implantation surgery planning from colleagues or get online consultations for selecting the most appropriate implants from AB Dental's highly qualified specialists.

The solution is distributed free of charge to dental surgeons and dentists. Dental Imaging Centres improve their work flow, efficiency and benefit from huge cost savings on printing, packaging and shipping expenses of dental images and reports by using AB Dental Web Based PACS solution.

AB Dental Imaging Solutions deliver Dental Imaging software tools that make oral restoration procedures easier and more effective for dental surgeons, for patients and for Dental Imaging Centres, while maintaining the highest standards of care and service. 

ABDenpax supports the following file formats:

In addition all Microsoft Media Player formats: