For Doctors

ABDenpax is an integrated system that allows Dental Imaging Centres and Dental Clinics to store and provide medical images on web based PACS system.
You'll install a Free Viewer on each one of your computers.
It is recommended to install it on your Laptop and if you like to view and prepare cases at home, install it also on your home desktop.
With the viewer you'll be able to see your patient's records sent by the Imaging Center.
ABDenpax Viewer provides a set of tools:
*Zoom & Measure the Implant site on CT reports.
*Simulate Implant placement on CT reports.
*Add text annotations.
*Add arrows.
*Anything you add is Automatically Saved!
*Share a case with a colleague.
*Work Offline.
You can see the same patient from unlimited number of computers at the same time.
In case you are away from your computers and need to see one of your patient's records, linked to our website, log in and you'll easily find it.

ABDenpax Installation - Step by step:

1. Click this link to download ABDenpax software: ABDenpaxViewer

2. Click "Run" and then "Installation" buttons

3. A registration window will be opened, click "Doctors"

4. Fill in your details in the registration form window

5. ABGuidedService center will send you instantly to the email address you filled your private username and password (please make sure to write your correct email address)

6. Click "Submit"

7. Enter the username and password you recieved and sign in

8. It is recommended to install ABDenpax Viewer on all the computers in your dental clinic and in addition on the doctor's laptop or home computer.