Register and Download

1. Download ABDenpax Viewer - Enter our web site on and click on this icon                   
If you run Internet Explorer 8 and above a question should pop as below:                   

Chose Run (recommended), a download process will start for few seconds.
At the end, another question will pop up as shown below:

Don’t let it concern you, nothing will harm your computer, click on Action, a window will open, click "More Option" and then on "Run anyway"

After few seconds installation window will pop up click Next and start the installation process. Please be patient and let the installation finish.  

At the end of the installation you should get a massage as shown below:                                                                              
Click Close.

Go to your desktop and you should see a new icon. Double click on it and the software will open.

2. Next step create User name and Password:
In order to use the ABDenpax software you need to generate your own User name and Password through Inside our website you should click on the sign up Tab and chose Doctors.   

Another window will open, please fill in your contact details to get a free Doctor account. Please enter a valid Email and make sure it's written correctly. To finish click On Submit.

You will receive an Email with your user name and password account.   

When the download finishes, install the software. You are ready to log in to ABDenpax viewer.
Double click on your desktop icon and the login window will open. Fill in your User Name & Password exactly as you received from us earlier by Email.  

Click Login, wait for a few seconds and the ABDenpax Viewer will open.   

The first screen shows conventional CT images uploaded by the CT center.

ABDenpax Viewer allows doctors to receive the images in digital form over the Internet and make measurements and planning using the tools below.

Name Search bar  
fit to frame
place text Annotations  
place arrows on the image        
share patient data with other doctors        
Show Exam and Order List
New ABGuide Order
Place implants
It is recommended to install ABDenpax Viewer on all computers at the dental clinic and in addition, on doctor's laptop or home computer. The CT data and ABGuidedService treatment plans can be viewed from any computer

Windows XP users:

When starting installation In Windows XP it will look for Net Framework 3.0 or later version.
If it exists and already installed it will install the Denpax Viewer as above,
If Net Framework 3.0 is not installed on your computer, the installation will be interrupted & you'll be asked whether you like to download it from our site.
In this case click on confirm, Download of Net Framework 3.0 begins (file name: dotnetfx3.exe), it can take a few minutes until it will finish to download (its size - 50 Mb).

When the download finishes, agree to the terms & run the installation of .Net Framework 3.0, it will take 7-10 minutes.

Once it is installed every ABDenpax software or upgrade will install smoothly & quickly.