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Modern dentistry has many solutions to treat teeth, but sometimes teeth have to be removed. Fortunately dental implants provide an ideal replacement for missing teeth, restoring full function and aesthetics. Implants can replace a single tooth, and even all the teeth.

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You are lucky to have chosen a dentist who uses implants from AB Dental Devices, leaders worldwide both in design and quality of dental implants. AB Dental Devices have been providing the dental profession with implant solutions for more than 20 years, and have continued to lead in new development, research and innovation.

Now your dentist has easy access to the latest imaging and implant planning technology, with ABGuided. Your dentist can virtually plan the ideal location for your implants, using advanced 3D imaging software. All the measurements and decisions are made before the treatment, making the actual placement of the implants easier and faster. A real guide is produced digitally from the virtual planning, to guide the dentist when placing the implants.

In many cases, additional surgeries to add bone can be avoided, by locating available bone. Often, implants can be placed without opening the gums and without stitches, resulting in much less discomfort after the procedure.
The simple use of this advanced technology, allows your dentist to provide the best care for you-easily and safely.