A unique, exclusive and patented (pending) service that enables the dentist, at the click of a button on his computer, to plan a precise implantation procedure from the clinic. A Surgical Guide can be produced digitally from this 3D plan, which brings the virtual plan to the mouth.

ABGuidedService will prepare a treatment plan according to the dentist instructions, and present the dentist 2D and 3D images in the ABDenpax web-based technology.

Dentist can view the plan, consult with colleagues or the dental laboratory (as the location of the restorations can be seen in the virtual plan) and either request changes to be made to the plan or approve the plan.

After the treatment plan is approved by the dentist, a surgical guide is manufactured digitally, directly from the planning software.

ABGuidedService is designed specifically for users of AB Implants. The process is easy, enables the dentist to produce surgical guides for even a single implant.  

There is no need to install software and to learn how to use it. ABGuided and ABDenpax provide this service to the dentist, with all the images needed to view the plan.

The ABGuided Drill Kit provides all the tools needed for use with a surgical guide. The color-coded drills have stoppers which correspond to the planned drill depths, and no measurements and calculations are needed at the time of surgery.

The surgery takes less time, and both for the dentist and the patient is therefore more relaxed.

This technology will allow the dentist to use his/her knowledge of implantology in a more efficient and safer way.