Advisory Board

Prof. Zvi Schwartz, D.M.D, Ph.D
Chairman of the Board. Specialist in Periodontology. Associate dean and Prof. Biomedical engineering, VCU. Prof. Emeritus Periodontics, Hebrew University. Clinical Prof., University of Texas. Visiting Prof., Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Ins. of Technology.
Dr. Benjamin Retzkin
University of Bucharest, Romania. Periodontics Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Dr. Eitan Krauze
DMD Graduated from the Hebrew university in Hadassah Ein Karem in 1991. Dr. Krauze is a specialist in prosthodontics since 2000 (post-doctorate from the Tel Aviv university school of dentistry).
Dr. Gustavo Yatzkaier -
DDS 1987 from University of Cordoba Argentina. Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeon. 1995 Barzilay medical center Ashkelon Israel. Private practice Beer Sheva Israel limited to Oral Surgery, Implantology and bone augmentations. National and International lecturer in implantology.